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The Dog Pawlour, formerly known as Biscuit's Dog Pawlour, is managed by a team of pet owners who combined have 65 years of experience in the pet industry.  General Manager, Brittany Munsch, is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer while her husband, Preston, is the Vice President for a pet nutrition company. Stop by as we would love to show you and your pet(s) our wonderful and pet-centered facility.

Doggie Daycare
2,000 sq. feet of indoor/outdoor space located in the heart of Fort Collins.  Now open!

Named top grooming shop in Fort Collins three years straight (2011, 2012, 2013).  Two full-time groomers including 1 of only 2 Nationally Certified Master Groomers in all of Fort Collins.

The best self-wash suites in the city.  Self-wash includes your own private suite, shampoo, towels, industry grade blow dryer, brushes and endless hot water (tankless water heaters). 

More Information On Our Services

First-Class Grooming
The Dog Pawlour features two of the best groomers in all Northern Colorado in Amy Morgan and Brittany Munsch.  Amy is entering her fourth year at The Dog Pawlour leading the business to three straight Best of Fort Collins awards.  Brittany is one of only a handful of Nationally Certified Master Groomers in Northern Colorado.  This is the highest level of certification a groomer can achieve.  From show grooms to asian style cuts to a puppy cut The Dog Pawlour offers it all. 


Self-Wash Service
The private suites at The Dog Pawlour are second to none.  The environment is ideal for those dogs who don't always enjoy a bath.  The all-inclusive self-wash includes stainless steel tubs with a ramp, shampoo, towels, brushes, never ending hot water (tankless water heaters) and industry grade blow dryers all in the comfort of a private suite.  Leave the mess to us and not in your home.

Doggie Daycare
It's back starting and it's bigger and better than ever.  Featuring both indoor and outdoor play areas our doggie daycare is the ideal place for your dog to spend the day.  Our PACFA approved daycare is a wonderful environment to allow your dog to burn some energy, have fun and socialize with other dogs.  Our highly trained staff groups dogs by size and personality allowing your dog to be in a safe and fun environment.  Our custom made kennels are not only exceptionally clean but a safe and comfortable place for your dog to rest.   

Retail Unlike Others
The retail center at The Dog Pawlour features some of the most unique pet products on the market.  We carry products you will not find at the large, chain pet stores.  Our goal is to carry products that improve the well-being and happines of your pet.  A number of our products are home grown as they are from Colorado based companies.  Our retail center offers some of the best products in all of Colorado. 

About Us

The Dog Pawlour is owned by Your Pet, Our Pet, LLC, a Colorado based company.  Ownership of the company is made up of two families - Preston, Brittany and daughter Sophie Munsch along with Kenneth and Darleen Munsch.  Combined this group has over 65 years of experience in the industry.  Their passion and dedication for excellent customer service is what drives them to provide you and your pet the best possible experience.  Never hesitate to contact us either by phone, via the Contact Us form or in person as we would love to hear from you.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Phone: 970-484-3644

We offer products you won't find at the big box stores.  From slow bowl feeders to interactive puzzles from Europe we have the most unique line of products in the city.


Brittany, Preston and Sophie Munsch

Call today to schedule a
grooming appointment or to reserve
a spot for doggie daycare!

Phone: 970-484-3644

Call today to schedule a
grooming appointment or to reserve
a self-wash suite for Saturday!


The Dog Pawlour doggie daycare is now open!  Daycare is open 7 am to 6 pm (Monday through Friday).  You can either call to reserve a spot or drop-in.  Our 2,000 square feet indoor/outdoor space is as nice as you will find in all of Fort Collins.  Also, we are one of the very few daycare facilites that is managed by a certified dog trainer.

Location and Hours:
2005 S. College Avenue, Fort Collins, CO
(just south of Dairy Queen)
7 am to 6 pm - Monday through Friday
9 am to 5 pm - Saturday

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