1. Fall Dog Grooming Tips, Part 1

    There’s a chill in the air, which can only mean one thing — fall is coming. Fall is a great time to spend a little extra time and care on your dog’s grooming regimen, while tailoring their grooming to the unpredictable weather and cooler temperatures. Today, the friendly groomers at The Dog Pawlour will share with you a few dog grooming tips to consider this fall. Is your dog ready for a gro…Read More

  2. Why Trimming Your Dog’s Nails Is Important

    Many dog parents often ask, “Why is trimming my dog’s nails important?” While regular nail trims keep your dog’s paws looking great, there are also many health benefits from routine nail grooming. While a dog’s nails will naturally wear down from walking, running, and playing outdoors, they still need to be maintained regularly. For some, trimming their pup’s nails is quite an undertak…Read More

  3. Control Dog Hair In The House With These Simple Tips

    Welcome back to The Dog Pawlour blog! As a dog parent, the constant battle against dog hair in the house, in the car, and all over your clothes is an ongoing struggle with no end in sight; however, the love, companionship, and laughter our precious pups give us makes it all worth it. The fact is, dogs shed — it’s part of their biological makeup. Yet, there are ways you can minimize the amount …Read More

  4. Why You Should Brush Your Dog On A Regular Basis

    If there’s one question we hear frequently from dog parents, it’s, “Should I brush my dog’s coat on a regular basis?” The short answer is, yes. There are numerous benefits to brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis, some of which go beyond simply maintaining their health and hygiene. Today, we will share with you the reasons why you should definitely keep up with brushing your dog…Read More

  5. 4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer, Part 2

    Welcome back to our blog! Last time, we began looking at ways to keep your furry friends cool and comfortable all summer long. As we mentioned last time, hot temperatures can be ruff (pun intended) on dogs, so it’s important to do all you can to keep them cooled off. Here are the four tips we looked at in part one: Plan playtime and exercise for the cooler times of the day Always carry water bot…Read More

  6. 4 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer, Part 1

    Welcome back to The Dog Pawlour blog! It’s hard to believe summer is already here, which means many pet parents here in Greeley will be spending a lot more time outdoors. While summertime is a great time to explore all that our beautiful state has to offer, the scorching temperatures can be ruff — especially for our four-legged friends. Whether you’re taking them to play at the park, taking …Read More

  7. How to Protect Your Pets from Fleas & Ticks, Part 1

    Welcome back to The Dog Pawlour blog! We are thrilled that spring is finally here! We’re sure that many of you living in and around Greeley are excited to get back outdoors with your furry friends in order to start enjoying all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. While spring is a time of renewal, rejuvenation, and regrowth, it is also the start of flea and tick season in Northern Colo…Read More

  8. 4 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Dog

    Welcome back to The Dog Pawlour blog! Winter is on its way out here in Greeley and the first day of spring will be here before we know it. If you’re like many people, you will start spring cleaning your home over the next few weeks to get rid of the winter clutter in preparation for the warmer months ahead. As you begin cleaning your home, you’ll also want to consider giving your furry friend …Read More

  9. 7 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Your Local Groomer, Part 2

    Welcome back to The Dog Pawlour blog! In part one of our short blog series, we looked at some of the top reasons to bring your dog into see us for dog grooming at either one of our locations in Fort Collins or Greeley. While we understand that some dog parents enjoy giving their furry family member a bath at home, there are so many great benefits to bringing them to see our groomers. For one, our …Read More

  10. 7 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Your Local Groomer, Part 1

    Hi there, and welcome back! In our welcome blog, we introduced you to the services we offer here at The Dog Pawlour, which include professional grooming, doggy daycare, and pet sitting, to name a few. We are proud to offer these services to our amazing communities in Fort Collins, Greeley, and the surrounding areas because we are passionate about using our skills to care for your pets. We know tha…Read More