As per the recommendations of local government officials and the CDC, The Dog Pawlour Marketplace will be actively practicing and encouraging social distancing within our facility. The following measures are being taken with the best of intentions towards keeping our wonderful clients, community members and amazing employees as safe and healthy as possible. While our communities are adjusting to the rapid changes and preparing for the challenges facing us, take solace in knowing that The Dog Pawlour is here to help you care for your beloved four-legged family members just as we always have been.

Moving forward, we will be asking that all daycare clients call our facility at (970)353-3736 (ext. 1) upon their arrival to the facility to let us know that you have arrived. To limit the spread of illness, we ask that you remove your leashes as we will be bringing sanitized slip leads out to escort your dog(s) in and out of our facility with. Our staff members will come to your vehicle to retrieve your dog(s) and to take them into our facility where they can go and play the day away with their pals! At this time, we will not be accepting toys, beds or blankets that are brought from home. However, we understand that your dog(s) have specific needs while at our facility and will gladly replace the use of your personal belongings with the use of ours. We also have frozen stuffed Kongs for sale as treats to keep your pup busy when they are not in group. If you would like to add that to your dog’s visit, let a staff member know during drop off and we will gladly accommodate you. Upon pickup, you can either call the shop to let us know that you have arrived, or you can text HERE to any text you previously received from us and a staff member will bring your dog(s) to your vehicle promptly.. If there is any payment due for daycare services, we can easily take payment for you over the phone.

Due to the nature of grooming, we do ask that our grooming clients come into the facility to get checked in and speak with their groomer. At this time, we will be encouraging pre-payment at the time of drop off so that when your dog(s) are ready to be picked up from their appointment, you can easily call us at (970)353-3736 (ext. 1) or text HERE to any text you previously received from us we will bring your dog(s) to you!

Should you need any supplies from The Dog Pawlour Marketplace, but would prefer not to enter the facility, please let us know at the time of drop off or pickup and our staff members will gladly get your supplies together for you. Payment can be made over the phone for retail purchases, and a team member will gladly bring your items out to your vehicle.

We are very lucky to have an amazing and dedicated team of employees at The Dog Pawlour Marketplace who are working tirelessly to ensure that the care of our beloved four-legged clients is as seamless and normal as possible. With this in mind we want to thank you, our Dog Pawlour Family, for your patience and understanding as we work to minimize wait times for services and deliveries to your vehicles.

Collectively, as a community, it is our responsibility to protect and look out for one another. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our new, temporary, procedures please feel free to give us a call any time. Stay safe and love your dogs a little harder today.

Your friends at The Dog Pawlour