We want to make sure that you stay safe and healthy so we now offer multiple ways to pay for your services. 



Tap/ Mobile Pay –

If you come into the shop, Tap/Mobile pay is available for you with our payment processing machine.

That means not only do you not have to haggle with a chip reader, but you won’t be required to touch the surface of the device as much as you would with swiping or chip reading!




Curbside Payment –

Within the next week, we will be offering curbside payment so that you can pay easily from your vehicle with a staff member there to run your card for you.





Pay Online –

We offer online payment through your Dog Pawlour Customer Portal here:


To learn how to access your customer portal and make a payment for your services, see our instructional post here: https://www.dogpawlour.com/blog/how-to-access-your-online-portal-and-make-payments-for-scheduled-services/




   Securely Store Payment Information on File –

We can also keep your card on file for future use, so you don’t have to provide it later.

All of your credit card information is securely stored, and employees do not have access to see the information.