With the reopening of our doors and ability to offer our regular services, comes a collective responsibility to ensure the safety of all of our team members, beloved clients, and amazing community members. With that in mind, we will continue to practice strict social distancing and sanitation policies as advised by our local and federal government agencies. To ensure that we are able to continue to serve you, we have implemented some new policies that are designed to maintain the highest level of safety and caution within our shop while also making your experience an easy and comfortable one.

Below you will find the new guidelines and policies that have been put in place and are effective immediately:

For All Guests:

  • Masks – For the safety and protection of our staff as well as our guests, all guests entering our facility are required to be wearing a mask. All employees of The Dog Pawlour will be required to wear face masks while working on the premesis as well.
  • Social Distancing & In Shop Traffic–  A minimum of 6 feet of space between individuals, including between guests, employees and guests/employees.

    • Due to the small lobby area in our Fort Collins location, we are limiting the number of guests in the shop to 2 guests at a time to allow both staff and visitors to maintain a safe social distancing of 6 ft.
    • Our Greeley location is larger and can safely accommodate up to 5 guests in the retail and lobby space at one time while still allowing for a safe social distancing of 6 ft.
  • Payment Options – To pay for services, you have several options that help to reduce direct contact with others and potential transfer of the virus.

    • Tap/Mobile pay is available for those guests that come inside the shop and pay.
    • Within the next week, we will have curbside payment so that you can pay easily from your vehicle with a staff member there to run your card curbside.
    • We offer online payment through your Dog Pawlour Customer Portal here: https://thedogpawlour.gingrapp.com/customer
    • We can also keep your card on file for future use, so you don’t have to provide it later. All of your credit card information is securely stored, and employees do not have access to see the information.

For Our Grooming & Daycare Guests:

  • Curbside Pick-Up/Drop-Off –

    • For all daycare reservations, we encourage you to allow us to offer you curbside pick-up/drop-off. This is to minimize traffic within our facility, limiting potential exposure, while allowing you to remain safely inside your vehicle.
      • When you have arrived to drop off your dog for daycare, please call the facility to let a team member know you have arrived. They will promptly come to retrieve your dog from your vehicle using a slip lead.
      • When you have arrived to pick up your dog from daycare, all you have to do is reply with the word ‘HERE‘ to any text you previously received from us and we will know that you have arrived and are ready for your dog to be brought out to your vehicle. If you prefer not to text, feel free to call your location to let us know you have arrived.
    • For grooming clients, we are happy to do curbside for both pickup and drop-off.
      • If you wish to speak with your groomer, please bring in your dog at drop-off and the groomer can get all the information you need to share with them concerning the grooming appointment.
        • You will also be able to prepay in person at this time, if you would prefer.
    • When your dog is finished with grooming, we will bring them out to your vehicle at pick-up. All you have to do is reply with the word ‘HERE‘ to any text you previously received from us we will know that you have arrived and are ready for your dog to be brought out to your vehicle. If you prefer not to text, feel free to call your location to let us know you have arrived.
  • Slip Leads Instead of Collars and Leashes – To minimize transfer of personal items and any potential contamination, we will be using our own slip leads to take dogs to and from their owners. Our team members will put on and take off the slip leads for you.

    • For grooming clients:
      • You will keep your pet’s collars, leashes, and any attire belonging to your dog.
    • For daycare and walk-in service clients:
      • You will keep your pet’s leashes and harnesses, however collars may remain on your dog.
  • Daycare Personal Items – At this time, we will not be allowing our guests to bring in blankets, toys or other items with their dogs. The only items that will be allowed are food for lunches and special treats, if needed.

    • If you choose to bring food or treats for your dog in daycare, these items must be placed in a sturdy and sealed plastic container that can be wiped down by staff.
      • If you would like for your dog to have a special treat during lunch, but do not want to bring any of your personal belongings to the shop we have stuffed  frozen Kongs that can be purchased and will be provided to your dog during lunch time. Limited quantities available. Ask a team member for details.

For Our Self Wash Guests: 

  • Making Reservations – To ensure effective cleaning procedures are possible and to follow the restrictions of occupants within the shop at one time, we will be allowing that those who wish to use our Self Wash Suites to make a reservation.

    • Reservations for Self Wash can still include additional A la Carte services such as nail trims, ear cleanings, and teeth brushing.
    • Reservations can be made either by phone or online through your Customer Portal.
      • To make a reservation by phone, call the location you wish to visit and let them know what time you were hoping to come in for a Self Wash.
        • Every attempt will be made to ensure that your requests are accommodated.
      • To make a reservation online, log in to your Customer Portal here: https://thedogpawlour.gingrapp.com/customer
    • Self Wash reservations will require payment at the time of reservation to secure your spot. Reservations made without a paid deposit are not guaranteed to receive the services they have requested.

Safety Protocols at The Dog Pawlour:

  • Regular Hygiene –

    • All employees will be required to wash their hands thoroughly at least once every hour with antibacterial soap following specific hand washing techniques.
    • Hand Sanitizer will be used between each interaction with customers or with other staff.
  • Sterilizing Surfaces – Every 2 hours, we will sterilize commonly used surfaces whether they have been used by a customeremployee or not. We will also sterilize used surfaces in between every use.

    • This includes (but is not limited to) kennels/tables/equipment, front counters, door handles, general equipment, retail displays, treat bar scoops/jars/lids, self wash doors/ledges/interior surfaces, self wash bottles, gates, and point of sale devices.
  • Active Awareness of Symptoms – Any employee who may be experiencing symptoms relating to COVID-19 will not be permitted to work until they are clear of symptoms. As this is going to be the new ‘normal’ for a while, our team members are encouraged to limit where they go and who they are exposed to.

We want to thank you all for reaching out during our closure to check in on our team members, sharing adorable photos to get us through our “dog-withdrawals” while we were away, and for your continued support during this difficult time. We love all of our clients, both animals and humans, and are so excited to be reopening on Monday April, 27, so that we can see all of our Dog Pawlour Family members again!