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  1. 7 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Your Local Groomer, Part 2

    Welcome back to The Dog Pawlour blog! In part one of our short blog series, we looked at some of the top reasons to bring your dog into see us for dog grooming at either one of our locations in Fort Collins or Greeley. While we understand that some dog parents enjoy giving their furry family member a bath at home, there are so many great benefits to bringing them to see our groomers. For one, our …Read More

  2. 7 Reasons to Take Your Dog to Your Local Groomer, Part 1

    Hi there, and welcome back! In our welcome blog, we introduced you to the services we offer here at The Dog Pawlour, which include professional grooming, doggy daycare, and pet sitting, to name a few. We are proud to offer these services to our amazing communities in Fort Collins, Greeley, and the surrounding areas because we are passionate about using our skills to care for your pets. We know tha…Read More

  3. Welcome to The Dog Pawlour Blog!

    Hello, and welcome to our blog! We are thrilled to launch our blog which we will use to provide our clients and readers in and around Fort Collins and Greeley with informative news and entertaining information about our dog grooming services. We will also post regularly with useful pet care tips and pet health advice that can be easily accessed from anywhere, anytime, at the click of a button. As …Read More